North Central College - Naperville, IL
East Asian Studies

Rebecca’s passion for Japanese culture developed long before she arrived at North Central College.

“I grew up watching anime, reading manga and playing video games of Japanese origin,” she says. “These hobbies developed into a desire to discover Japan’s culture and society.”

Rebecca dipped her feet into the College’s cultural opportunities, joining the Japan Club during her first year. She loved the club’s Japanese movie nights and trips to Japanese markets, so much so that she dove into the College’s deep cultural pool, studying abroad her junior year at the Kanda University of International Studies in Japan.

“It was a wonderful, affirming experience for me, and I feel it would yield the same positive results for other students interested in becoming truly immersed in an East Asian culture,” she says.

Rebecca plans to return to Japan and become a translator.

“While I feel I have a close, personal connection with Japan, North Central’s unique academic environment—where I could gain a well-rounded idea about Japan—was more than I ever hoped.”