North Central College - Naperville, IL
Psychology major, Neuroscience minor

Nick wants to work for the FBI as a forensic psychologist. He’s also considering graduate school. Either way, he’s fully prepared for whatever his future holds after North Central.

“I feel ready to take on the world,” Nick says. “The College offers a challenging set of courses to help me get ready for the workload after graduation.”

Nick is majoring in psychology and added a minor in neuroscience to extend his understanding of human thought, emotion and behavior. The one-on-one instruction he receives from his professors has helped him stand out.

“Along with a group of my classmates, I had the opportunity to pursue a research project under the close guidance of our professor,” says Nick, who presented the group’s findings at the National Conference on Undergraduate Research. “This was a major opportunity that I believe would have been lost at a larger school.”

The close interaction between students and teachers is one of many reasons Nick feels like he joined a family when he enrolled at North Central College.

“We’re a small school, which means you get to know everyone on a much more personal level. You’re never lost in the crowd.”