North Central College - Naperville, IL
Sociology major

Mike wants to work in law enforcement. As preparation, he majored in sociology with a criminal justice emphasis and took advantage of many experiences outside the classroom.

“From exploring various city neighborhoods during my Chicago term classes to my internship with the Illinois State Police Department to volunteering with an ex-con reentry program to challenging course work and projects, I feel I’m ready,” says Mike.

His course-work included research projects and presentations at North Central’s Rall Symposium for Undergradute Research and a Midwestern psychology conference. Mike even focused his College Scholars Honors thesis on a criminal justice issue.

“I feel I’ve had outlets to practice the lessons I’ve learned from my classes on race and ethnicity, criminal justice, juvenile delinquency and urban problems. I even found myself questioning some of the things I heard in class. But after time, I began to look at situations with an open mind and recognize sociology in new situations.”