North Central College - Naperville, IL
Political Science major

As a political science major, Meghan has noticed on numerous occasions how easy it is to apply what she’s learned in her classes to other areas of study.

“What we discuss goes beyond just ‘politics.’ We’re taught to be more than passive consumers of knowledge. The program stresses critical thinking that can be applied to any profession in any field. It’s both fascinating and captivating,” she says.

Meghan enjoys the sense of community within North Central’s political science department. A weekly newsletter keeps everyone up to date on the accomplishments of students and faculty. The department also hosts various events such as debate watch parties and an annual barbecue.

“The professors’ offices have become gathering spaces both for studying and leisure,” she says.

Meghan has been accepted into the University of Kentucky’s political science Ph.D. program. She wants to become a college professor.