North Central College - Naperville, IL
Political Science major

“When I took my first class in political science I fell in love with the field,” recalls Megan, who was named the College’s Outstanding Major in Political Science during her junior year. “I changed my original plans to include political science.”

Megan appreciates the way professors teach at North Central. “You learn both on a research level and a practical application level,” she says. For instance, in one course she and her classmates played the roles of House members and majority and minority leaders trying to pass legislation. And one summer, Megan helped a professor create a database of fundraising statistics for every congressional campaign since the 1960s. “That really broadened my horizons,” she says. “In fact, the experience may change my focus from political campaign management to research. But that’s what’s great about this major. As you define your interests and strengths, professors help you personalize and tailor your studies.”