North Central College - Naperville, IL
Organizational Communication major

Mary chose North Central College because it let her explore her many interests and talents. She focused on her organizational communication major while playing varsity softball and leading the team as captain, mentoring students as a resident assistant, studying abroad and completing an internship.

“North Central offered everything that interested me,” she says.

Among the highlights was her study abroad term in Costa Rica, where she refined her Spanish skills and gained cultural experiences. “I came back to North Central a more responsible, prepared and enthusiastic student.”

She recommends majoring in organizational communication to pursue many different career fields. “The classwork is diverse and focused, spanning a wide variety of topics. ‘Org Comm’ majors go into marketing, human resources, public relations, student affairs, teaching or many other areas. Knowing how to communicate effectively can help you in any type of job, regardless of the title.”