North Central College - Naperville, IL
Biochemistry major

A biochemistry major, Mary never feels isolated when she encounters a new challenge.

“One of the great things about North Central College is that students get to know each other really quickly. The science center feels like one big family, which is great because you always have peers around to study with and learn from,” she says. “As a biochemistry major, you don’t want to do all your schoolwork alone.”

There’s also another group Mary can always count on—her professors.

“Their doors are always open and they’re always willing to help, regardless of their office hours. Honestly, I’ve never bothered to learn office hours because I’ve always been able to just stop by when I have a question. And you can talk about more than just classes. I recently discussed my thoughts and insecurities about changing careers and received great advice and amazing encouragement. I feel like I have multiple advisors who really care.”

Mary plans to apply to medical school. As an officer of North Central’s Pre-Health Organization, she helped bring to campus guest panelists that included admission committees from various medical schools.

“It’s a great way for students to get their names and faces out there and learn what these schools are really looking for,” she says.