North Central College - Naperville, IL
Spanish major

Marion was looking for a new college when she decided to make an impromptu trip to North Central. That first visit set the tone for the two years she would spend on campus.

“I showed up unannounced two days after Christmas and ended up getting a private tour of the whole College,” Marion says. “Then a counselor sat down with me to look at which of my credits would transfer and how I could plan my schedule to graduate on time. I was so impressed.”

The helpful spirit was contagious. Marion spent part of her time at North Central serving as a Spanish tutor in the Language Resource Center. She met with professors regularly to discuss ways she could better assist her fellow students.

“As I got know the professors, they gave me great advice about my future, including graduate school and possible careers,” says Marion, who is starting a Spanish master’s program. “They were great about helping me pick a program and wrote letters of recommendation.”