North Central College - Naperville, IL
Philosophy major

Mario took his college decision seriously, going as far as researching professors’ backgrounds before eventually settling on North Central. That inquisitive spirit has helped the nontraditional student flourish as a philosophy major.

“My professors inspired me to investigate issues I would never have given a second thought. I feel like they’ve given my intellectual life new breath,” Mario says. “I’ve attended two other colleges/universities in the past. In my opinion, they don’t hold a candle to North Central and what it’s done for my self-esteem and intellectual growth.”

Mario spent several years working in manufacturing before seeking a career change. As a teenager, he developed a love of philosophy and set a long-term goal to become a writer. Now he’s pursuing his true passion.

“I never could’ve imagined the wealth of knowledge I’ve gained in my time at North Central,” he says. “I have a deep respect for my professors, for their knowledge and genuine concern about my educational well-being.”