North Central College - Naperville, IL
Leadership Studies major, Conflict Resolution minor

Kristen originally had her heart set on pursuing law and working in the public sector.

That all changed after an internship when she served with a state’s attorney as a court-appointed special advocate, representing abused or neglected children. The experience taught her she could give more time to children in a career working at a nonprofit than working as a lawyer.

“I now work hands-on with these children to make sure they are mentally and physically sound. This means dealing with unruly children and the biological or foster parents. My minor in conflict resolution helps me understand the necessity of remaining calm when handling stressful situations. Knowing how to recognize and diffuse a conflict is an invaluable resource, wherever it arises.”

To further develop her leadership skills, Kristen is pursuing a master’s degree in North Central College’s leadership studies program, with a focus on social entrepreneurship.