North Central College - Naperville, IL
Computer Science major

Kitt finds that studying computer science at North Central College means you get individualized attention from full-time faculty, small classes and the opportunity to compete at the national level. Her skills and drive earned Kitt a highly coveted, summer-long paid internship at Google in Kirkland, WA. CampusGrotto ranks Google as the No. 1 college internship in the nation thanks to its reputation for spoiling its interns. "I went kayaking, on a boat cruise, spent two days at an all-inclusive spa resort, went to a Mariners baseball game and went out to eat more times than I can count. The best part is that it wasn't just free, I got paid to do all of that.”   Interns also have an inside track at starting their careers at the GooglePlex, considering Google only hired 2,200 regular job applicants out of more than a million last year. “At North Central, your opportunities are what you make them,” Kitt says.