North Central College - Naperville, IL
Physics major

Kirsten Coffman chose to study at North Central College because of the winning cross country and track team legacies and because the College is close to her home. When she came to North Central, however, she was undecided about her academic major. She soon learned the College offered a pre-engineering program that incorporates her physics, math and chemistry interests.

The summer between her sophomore and junior years, Kirsten conducted research on particle physics under the direction of Paul Bloom, assistant professor of physics. As an upperclassman, Kirsten has taken on a leadership position by helping in different sections of physics courses.

When she completes her studies at North Central, Kirsten plans to pursue graduate work in biomedical engineering. Her goal is to develop prosthetic advancements.

“The professors here are impressive, and I’ve been able to build good relationships with them,” Kirsten says. “A good thing about being a physics major is that the science department here is a community.”