North Central College - Naperville, IL
Music Education major

Kimberly can barely use her fingers to keep track of the music groups she’s involved with at North Central. At last count, she was up to eight.

“It sounds like a lot to handle, but each and every one of these groups has taught me countless valuable lessons about being a performer and educator,” Kimberly says. “There are too many opportunities within the music and education departments to name, which is exactly why there’s never a dull moment!”

As a choral and instrumental music education major, Kimberly knows almost everyone in the department. That’s not uncommon, she says, even for students who are majoring in one area or the other.

“There’s no divide here between the ‘band kids’ and the ‘choir kids.’ We’re all very supportive of each other. It’s like one big happy musical family.”

Kimberly enjoys working with the music faculty, whom she often visits for “conversations about life.” She’s grateful for the many opportunities to perform as she fine-tunes her teaching skills.

“While it is—and should be—about the students we teach, musicians should also continue to perform and improve themselves. That’s exactly what we do here!”