North Central College - Naperville, IL
East Asian Studies major

“I was originally drawn to East Asian music; later I connected with the region’s values of respect and harmony. I also love the sound of the languages,” says Kelly. “I majored in East Asian studies so that I could study more than one country.”

Kelly is carefully mapping a path to her goal of teaching English in China, Japan, Korea, Thailand or Vietnam. On campus, she’s active in the Japan Club, Korean Club and Asian Student Konnection. “Our goal is to expose the campus and community to the cultures of these countries,” she says. “For example, each year we show Japanese films and host ‘Taste of Asia.’ It’s great fun and we all learn a lot in the process.” Kelly also corresponds with a few pen pals and plans to study in Japan or Korea during her junior year; as a senior, she’ll pursue a teaching internship in East Asia.