North Central College - Naperville, IL
Spanish and Classical Civilizations double major

Katie Braun has been interested in studying Spanish since age 12 so she knew from the start that she wanted study abroad opportunities and plenty of options to pursue her other interests. As a high school student, she was attracted to North Central’s Costa Rica Term, which involves 15 weeks of studying and perfecting Spanish language skills, a side trip to Nicaragua, and an internship. “I really enjoyed being in the Costa Rican work environment,” she says. “And the family I lived with just adopted me from the start and included me in their family parties.”

Katie has also performed service work at a day care in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico, a trip organized by the College’s office of ministry and service. A double-major in Spanish and classical civilizations and a College Scholar, Katie explored literary translation for the research project she presented at the College’s Rall Symposium for Undergraduate Research. She also landed an internship at a Naperville company that involves translation work with Hispanic customers. Those experiences have influenced her future plans: she wants to pursue translation studies in graduate school.