North Central College - Naperville, IL
English Studies major

Katherine’s goal in selecting a college was to find one small enough so her professors would know who she was. “I wanted to feel like my opinions and my presence were going to be important. North Central’s English faculty members are very encouraging and supportive.”

In addition to majoring in English Studies with a concentration in writing, Katherine’s other passion is theatre. She wrote and directed the play “Under the Circumstances,” which was selected by North Central theatre faculty as part of the College’s Student Director Series.

“An experience that had the biggest effect on me was studying abroad at the University of Essex. I will never forget those friends. Studying abroad gave me the courage to consider going to graduate school abroad.”

Katherine will attend the University of Glasgow in Scotland to pursue a master of fine arts in playwriting/dramaturgy. “I either want to start my own theatre company or work in one dedicated to performing original works.”