North Central College - Naperville, IL
Management and Entrepreneurship/Small Business Managment double major

After taking a management course, Katherine began to see the business world as a blank canvas, waiting for her to make her mark.

An internship in retail management at American Eagle, a popular clothing store, gave her firsthand insight into the dedication and preparation it takes to effectively run and manage a business. “It’s one thing to learn in the classroom and ace all your tests, but the best kind of learning comes from firsthand experiences.”

In addition, Katherine and two other students worked with a local small business to develop a strategy for selling its products in a new international market.

“North Central doesn’t limit me to one area of study. I’ve been involved in an assortment of projects … an independence that’s encouraged by our professors. They give me the tools in my quest, helping me become a more knowledgeable individual in the process.”