North Central College - Naperville, IL
Biology major

As a freshman, Kari Nelson was already conducting research with a biology professor, using E. coli bacteria to study the aging process.

“I just wanted to get my feet wet in the field,” she says.  

“Everyone helps each other out—including professors. They are very connected with their students.”

Also during her first year, she worked for a chiropractor and learned about the health field by assisting in blood draws, X-rays and various therapies.

“A lot of opportunities early on helped me realize what I do and don’t want to do,” she says. “I realized I love science, but I also love being with people and applying the science.”

Kari wants to become either a high school teacher or a chiropractor. “Either way, I want to educate people about science. “

Kari is considering a number of graduate programs where she could earn her teaching certification. At North Central, she served as secretary of the Pre-Heath Organization and as membership chair for the Blue Key Honor Society. She also played intramural volleyball and basketball, which helped her gain an appreciation for the spirit of community on campus.