North Central College - Naperville, IL
Computer Science major

At first glance, Justin’s computer science major and his career ambition as a DJ may seem a bit disconnected.

That’s certainly not how he sees it.

“Most people think DJing is a very weird thing to go into (given my major),” he says. “But most computer science students have aspirations that aren’t directly related to computer science. We become some of the top programmers because of our hobbies.

“I love DJing and I love computer science, so I’ll eventually combine the two.”

Justin is happy to share his passion for programming with fellow students. He’s part of a new student group called No Ctrl, which—among other things—gives noncomputer science majors a chance to dabble in the field.

“They can see what it’s like to be a computer science major and realize how fun it is,” he says.

Justin picked North Central after having the chance to interact with the College’s computer science faculty. He was impressed by the professors’ supportive personalities.

“They’re always happy to help. They enjoy talking about various subjects inside and outside their field. They’ve helped me focus my interests and realize what I’m truly capable of,” he says.