North Central College - Naperville, IL
Philosophy major

“North Central’s professors care what you think and take pride in helping you develop your own research interests, and I love research,” says Joshua.

Majoring in philosophy has been a good springboard for research. His first independent study - about ethics after the Holocaust - paired him with a faculty member who he says, “taught me a lot about research techniques.” Another faculty member enhanced his writing and research skills on his next project about Native American storytelling.

That project was accepted for presentation at a national conference. “This was the best opportunity. I learned to present in front of people and the whole experience motivated me to present two research projects at next year’s conference.”

“Clearly, at North Central, the benefit for me has been the time and attention I’ve had with my professors to ask them questions, pick their brains and get to know them.”

Joshua plans to pursue graduate school and possibly a Ph.D.