North Central College - Naperville, IL
Political Science, Entrepreneurship & Small Business Management major

For John, the best part about North Central’s pre-law curriculum is the freedom it provides.

“Students can pick any area of study and still be eligible for admittance to law school,” he says. “I majored in political science and business management because of the cross-disciplinary benefits they provide. Political science has challenged me to develop critical and analytic thinking skills and it’s enhanced my writing. Business management has helped me with my decision-making skills and given me the technical know-how to successfully run and operate a business.”

North Central students can enhance their law school credentials by participating in a number of campus organizations. John is president of the Pre-Law Organization and an active member of several additional student organizations. Other popular groups for pre-law students include the Mock Trial and debate teams, Model United Nations and the dispute resolution program.

“The opportunities are endless,” he says.

John’s friends sometimes tease him about the amount of time he spends meeting with his professors during their office hours. He doesn’t mind the jokes.

“I’m there because I want to be,” he says. “I’ve talked countless times about potential internships, law schools and even LSAT prep sessions. All the professors are willing to take time out of their busy schedules (to help you).”