North Central College - Naperville, IL
Pre-Occupational Therapy

John Ladeur knew he wanted to pursue a career in healthcare but wasn’t sure exactly what he wanted to do. After working as a certified nursing assistant and a phlebotomy lab assistant, John eventually found his fit in occupational therapy.

John, who transferred from a community college, chose to earn his bachelor’s degree at North Central rather than a bigger school. “I prefer small classes and seeing professors on a regular basis during office hours,” John says. “I love the campus. North Central also has a good reputation in the sciences, and everyone I’ve met along the way has been very personable.”

John also appreciates opportunities for volunteering at Marianjoy Rehabilitation Hospital in Wheaton, where he shadows occupational therapists.

Upon graduation, John plans to attend graduate school. He’s received academic and career advice from North Central’s pre-professional health program coordinator Marguerite Degenhardt. “Her advice has given me a lot of insight,” John says. “I’ve learned what schools look for, programs they offer, and health science graduate school credential evaluations I need to accomplish to put myself in a better position for grad school.

“It’s helpful to have people to talk to,” he says. “Their advice makes things seamless in terms of what to do after graduation.”