North Central College - Naperville, IL
Psychology major, Neuroscience minor

When Jessica VandenBerg was looking at colleges, she hadn’t yet decided on a major. “I chose to come to North Central College because of its size, location and outlets for involvement like the track and cross country teams.”

Jessica competed athletically during her first two years and has extended her involvement to other areas of campus. She’s active with Focus, a weekly worship service, and has taken service trips to Mobile, AL, and Titanyen, Haiti.

As a psychology major, Jessica has immersed herself in research opportunities with faculty. “North Central truly is phenomenal in preparing students with heavy research backgrounds, especially when students seek these opportunities,” Jessica says. “I'm currently working on a project with Professor Karl Kelley, examining the effects of short-term positive emotions.”

Jessica plans to pursue a doctoral degree in psychology and teach and research at a small college like North Central. “My involvement on campus has prepared me for my career by helping me learn to relate to others and work together. To me it’s not about how I can work to advance myself but rather how we as people can work together to benefit one another,” Jessica says.