North Central College - Naperville, IL
Anthropology major

Calling Jessica ambitious might be an understatement. She interned at Chicago’s Field Museum, studied an ancient burial site in Peru with funding from a North Central College Richter grant, rose to leadership positions in multiple student organizations and fine-tuned her research skills through a combination of coursework and independent studies.

“It sounds cliché,” she says, “but the opportunities at North Central College have really made all the difference. The opportunities are everywhere—even off campus. Students simply have to be willing to seek them out.”

Even though international travels have become a major part of her college experience, Jessica loves being on campus. She tries to see her professors every day­—even if she doesn’t have a class.

“The sociology and anthropology department has its own house, so my friends and I will go there to do homework. We always run into our professors. They’re always willing to talk to me about whatever concerns I may have, whether it’s related to classes, jobs or grad school,” she says. “In every case, they always seem to have time to listen.”

Jessica wants to find a career in the field of biological anthropology. Graduate school is next on her list of adventures.

“Everything I’ve been able to do here has set me up to achieve my goal,” she says.