North Central College - Naperville, IL
Sociology major

Jessica’s favorite aspect of North Central College’s sociology program is its flexibility.

“There’s so much more freedom than many larger schools would offer,” Jessica says. “Of the three tracks in the program—community studies, criminal justice and general studies—I chose the general track because it allowed me to incorporate much of my own research and personal interests to make the major my own.

“You can work with professors on their research projects and create your own through an independent study course or even a Richter grant.”

Jessica has worked extensively with a sociology professor on a Richter project specializing in the sociology of religion. She developed an interest in the subject during a trip to Liverpool, England, where she studied Christianity and young adults in the United Kingdom.

“My background in sociology has broadened my horizons and has made me aware of social and cultural issues,” she says. “I’ve conducted an ample amount of research as an undergrad, which will open up many career paths for me after I graduate.”

Jessica is minoring in English writing and interactive media studies and is active in music and theatre at North Central.