North Central College - Naperville, IL
Spanish major, Leadership and Conflict Resolution minors

It was North Central’s study abroad program and welcoming admission staff that sealed Jenna’s decision to enroll.

“When I came to North Central, I knew I wanted to major in Spanish and possibly teach,” she says.

That dream became a reality after graduation when Jenna was selected for the highly competitive Teach For America program. She’ll be teaching high school Spanish and working on a master’s degree.

Jenna developed her language skills and discovered a passion for Spanish translation while studying abroad in Costa Rica. She also volunteered at her church working with lawyers and Spanish translation to help immigrants from Mexico. Those experiences led her to add minors in leadership and conflict resolution and develop a research project she presented at a national conference.

Jenna says, “Study abroad more than once—as much as possible! Nothing helps you learn the language better.”