North Central College - Naperville, IL
Interactive Media Studies major

Finding out-of-the-classroom learning opportunities has been no problem for Jenae, even with her busy schedule as a member of the Cardinals volleyball team. Since arriving on campus, she’s interned for a local humane society, worked as the webmaster for the College’s Viewfinder and built a new website for another nearby nonprofit.

“And there are other opportunities I’ve had to turn down,” she says. “There are so many it can be hard to choose.”

Jenae decided to attend North Central after reviewing the IMS curriculum. She’s had a blast learning how to design, animate and program.

“You learn to use just about every program imaginable,” she says. “And you get to be creative in all aspects of design.”

Jenae wants to stay versatile as a designer. “I’d love to master print and web design and use those skills to help a large business with marketing.”