North Central College - Naperville, IL
Environmental Studies major

Jackie started out in business, but her focus shifted to the environment after taking a class that examined the relationship between the two subjects.

Armed with a new passion, she worked with her North Central advisor to develop an independent major in environmental studies. Before long, she was scheduling classes that aligned with her career goals, working a part-time job with the College’s sustainability coordinator and interning with SCARCE, a local nonprofit organization that supports environmental education.

“Life is all about finding a balance, and North Central offers a great balance between classroom learning and real-world experience,” Jackie says.

Jackie is president of Green Scene, a student organization that educates the campus community on the College’s sustainability features and takes educational trips to learn more about environmental topics. She strongly recommends North Central to anyone who prefers a hands-on approach to learning.

“It’s not all about the classroom; there’s a mix of clubs, internships and independent courses,” she says. “I learned more by interning with the sustainability coordinator and talking one-on-one with professors than I would have learned sitting in a lecture hall at a large school.”