North Central College - Naperville, IL
Global Studies major

Ian has always been fascinated by other cultures. He spent a year travelling across Europe and Australia before enrolling at North Central, which helped him come to a simple conclusion.

“I knew I needed to incorporate my love for the world into my academic career,” he says.

That hasn’t been a problem at North Central. Funded by a Richter grant, Ian was able to perform independent research in Iceland, where he studied the relationship between landscape and folklore.

“It was a great opportunity to utilize the skills I’ve learned in the classroom as well as develop my academic portfolio,” he says.

He’s also studied abroad in Germany, where he lived with a host family and mastered a second language.

“If you’re a global studies major, you should be a sponge,” he says. “Soak up knowledge of the world and open your heart and mind to new cultures and experiences.”