North Central College - Naperville, IL
Theatre major, Gender and Women's Studies minor

Frances has a long-standing interest in how gender affects interactions among people. When she enrolled in her first Gender and Women’s Studies (GWS) course, she found that she loved the area of study. North Central’s GWS program is interdisciplinary and draws on faculty expertise and participation from across the curriculum. “I took one class taught by a theatre professor and another by a sociology professor,” says Frances, a theatre major.

“I decided to take more classes to learn more, which led me to adding the minor. Most important for me was learning about gender in different cultures across the world. It’s been eye-opening.”

North Central’s small campus environment and “personal attention and flexibility of the professors [are] wonderful for learning,” she says. “Upon visiting North Central, I fell in love with the campus.”

Among Frances’ favorite experiences was the opportunity to work as assistant stage manager for “The Phantom of the Opera.” “It was absolutely amazing.”