North Central College - Naperville, IL
Music: Jazz Studies major

After attending a concert by North Central’s jazz faculty, Eric knew where he wanted to study jazz.

“Their playing was amazing. When we talked after the concert, they were very personable and North Central felt like family from day one. The close proximity of campus to my home allowed me to continue teaching private lessons on weekends and stay connected to my family.”

Eric discovered his instructors were very passionate about their teaching. “They inspired me to go beyond what was asked and make the project something I truly cared about. I enjoyed the close connections with our teachers and seeing them perform. Here, learning isn’t limited to the classroom. Teachers are approachable and understanding and become your friends and mentors.”

Eric plans to pursue a career as a professional musician. “I’m teaching guitar students in the area, playing gigs as much as possible and plan to move to Chicago and see what can happen.”