North Central College - Naperville, IL
Music major

When it comes to music, Dominic likes to try new things. At North Central, it’s especially easy to experiment.

“You’ve got dozens of styles, hundreds of years and thousands of composers and artists to explore,” he says. “I see classmates switching from classical music to jazz and vice-versa. Some do both, including me—that’s what college is all about. You can take advantage of the highly experienced jazz department, the Mac labs equipped with music writing software and the finely designed Wentz Concert Hall.”

One of Dominic’s most influential experiences came from a summer jazz camp he attended on campus. It’s where he was first introduced to jazz.

“As someone who’d never improvised a solo before, I was probably the least experienced person there,” he says. “The friendly atmosphere opened a door I didn’t even know was there.

“North Central has given me ways to follow that path as someone who’s not only competent, but also passionate about music.”