North Central College - Naperville, IL
Coaching minor, Physical Education major

Dan paired his interest in coaching baseball with a major in physical education. “I want to share my love for the game as a coach. North Central puts you out in the schools as soon as possible, so you know early on if coaching and teaching are for you.”

Part of his coursework, Dan says, was “learning to coach other sports, making you more marketable. Classes are hands-on and interactive and our facilities make it easy to develop your skills.”

A starting outfielder for North Central, Dan coached in a traveling baseball league and took on a coaching internship that involved coordinating the College’s winter baseball camps for local youth. He also worked with new student orientation and mentored young athletes.

“At North Central, it’s all about getting you ready to go into the profession, helping you become a better coach, dealing with kids and parents, and building relationships with other coaches and teachers. Other schools focus on improving your athletic skills; here, you’re honing your teaching and coaching skills.”