North Central College - Naperville, IL
Pre-Occupational Therapy

Small class sizes have always appealed to Cendy. It’s the reason she transferred to North Central College, where she is preparing for a career in occupational therapy.

“I communicate a lot with my professors, who are willing to help and listen. I’m always comfortable approaching them with questions when I’m stuck on something, because they’re all really friendly,” she says.

Cendy wanted to pursue a career that would allow her to help others. She decided on occupational therapy after watching a therapist work with her mother following a serious operation.

“It was really fun watching the therapist help her regain her momentum,” she says.

To make her dream a reality, Cendy is taking advantage of opportunities outside the classroom to gain more hands-on experience as a therapist.

“I’m very involved in North Central’s Pre-Health Organization, and the pre-health advisor has provided a lot of guidance. I’ve volunteered in schools where I work with kids and I’ll volunteer at a local hospital or clinic next summer,” she says.