North Central College - Naperville, IL
Chemistry major

Cassandra Schneider succinctly describes how she decided to attend North Central College: “I found it online, came here and fell in love with the College,” she says.

Like others who major in a science at North Central, Cassandra learned the importance of developing communication skills in addition to conducting research and gaining valuable experience. She researched BASIL (biphasic acid scavenging using ionic liquid) with Paul Brandt, associate professor of chemistry. “The teachers at North Central are very helpful,” Cassandra says. “They don’t just give you an answer, they help you work toward it.”

In addition to pursuing her bachelor of science degree in chemistry, Cassandra explored her love of music. She plays the cello and performed often with the College’s various musical ensembles. She also performed in Pfeiffer Hall’s orchestra pit for musical theatre productions.

As a member of North Central’s Chemistry Club, Cassandra reached out to the community by performing  science demonstrations at a local middle school. She also demonstrated chemistry principles to high school students through ChemWest, a network of chemistry teachers in Chicago’s western suburbs.

Cassandra plans to pursue graduate studies at the University of Minnesota, where she hopes to earn a doctorate in inorganic chemistry.