North Central College - Naperville, IL
Interactive Media Studies major, Gender and Women’s Studies minor

Coming from a small town like Industry, IL, Candice fell in love with everything downtown Naperville had to offer. “North Central’s small school size, set in a city like Naperville, was perfect for me.”

Since arriving on campus, Candice has met her best friends and added Gender and Women’s Studies as a minor after taking GWS 100. She recommends the class to anyone who wants to explore a challenging topic. “This course brought up topics you would never consider related to gender,” she says.

To gain experience in the field, Candice is collaborating with a professor on research related to the portrayal of women in the media. “I’m majoring in interactive media studies and would love to tie my major and minor together and convey women in a positive light while working in the media. The professors here are so willing to help and really care about your learning experience.”