North Central College - Naperville, IL
Anthropology major

“My first class in anthropology was fascinating. The more I took, the more I fell in love with the subject,” says Callie.

Archaeology, she soon discovered, was her niche. “As an anthropology major, you choose from four areas of focus—archaeological, biological, linguistic and cultural. Archaeology is a perfect fit with my interest in science and geology.”

The coolest thing about anthropology, says Callie, is the internships that are open to North Central students at The Field Museum in Chicago. “My work there confirmed I want to pursue a master’s degree and my dream to go to a field school in Israel or Jordan and do research at an archaeological dig.”

During her internship, Callie helped catalog, pack and transport some 3,000 artifacts from an owner’s personal collection to the museum. She learned firsthand how a world-class museum works.