North Central College - Naperville, IL
History major

When Brittany arrived on campus, she knew she wanted to major in history, but she hadn't given much thought to conducting research. That changed during her first year, when she landed a job in the College's Archives (a section of Oesterle Library dedicated to preserving North Central's permanent records). "That’s when I learned that I loved research," she recalls.

Brittany’s natural affinity for research helped transform her campus job into a three-year internship. One piece of College history caught her eye: a ban on dancing that was lifted in the 1950s. This became the focus of her monograph, "Sinful Strides: The Dancing Ban at North Central College as an Example of Tension Between Religion and War Culture." Brittany presented her piece at the College's 2010 Rall Symposium for Undergraduate Research, and today the monograph is on permanent display in the Archives.