North Central College - Naperville, IL
Graduate Student of Veterinary Medicine

When Britni Miller was considering veterinary schools, she noticed they gave “great consideration” to her application showing her as a North Central College graduate. “They know that we have a high quality education and have invested the time, effort and work that is required to succeed in medical school,” she says.

Britni says the opportunity to conduct research at North Central “gave me great experience for applying to veterinary school, and I have since used the knowledge and skills I gained from my research experience in my veterinary internships.”

Her decision to major in biology prepared her for entry into the University of Illinois College of Veterinary Medicine, she says.

“A lot of prospective students who plan on attending veterinary school question whether they should major in animal science or biology,” Britni says. “After my experience, I would recommend majoring in biology. By doing so, you gain a strong biological knowledge, which is the foundation of medicine.”