North Central College - Naperville, IL
Urban and Suburban Studies major

Brian found plenty of opportunities to pursue his passion for urban and suburban studies at North Central. Rather than minor in the subject, he created an individualized major that resulted in a curriculum “unlike any other program at any other undergraduate institution.”

“Other schools have urban studies programs,” he says, “but none has a strong focus on both urban and suburban issues.”

Brian participated in Chicago Term—one of several unique offerings at North Central. It gave him a chance to experience city living firsthand while continuing his education.

“Chicago Term brings together students with a wide array of majors and provides an interdisciplinary classroom experience. We get out of the traditional classroom and into the city,” he says.

Brian took courses in Chicago history, art and architecture and secured an internship with a company that conducts tours of historic sites. “Through my classes and the internship, I learned more about the development of Chicago.”

Brian also studied abroad in England and works part time as a museum curator at the Museums at Lisle Station Park in nearby Lisle. One of his papers for his American Cities and Suburbs class was turned into an exhibit at the Museums. An accompanying paper he wrote was accepted for presentation at the annual Conference on Illinois History held in Springfield.