North Central College - Naperville, IL
Physical Education major, Health Education minor

The son of two educators, Brendan learned at an early age that teaching is more than a career. “It’s a lifestyle and a passion,” he says.

His professors at North Central College further cemented that belief. “They don’t see teaching as their job; they see it as their favorite thing to do every day. They love being at school and have a genuine passion for teaching.”

If someone possesses that passion, he says, “they will be very successful at North Central and in their future teaching career.”

Brendan is a physical education major and health education minor and hopes to teach both subjects in the future. He serves as an officer in Physical Education Council of Students—a club he helped create—and pitches for the Cardinals’ baseball team.

 “With all the things I’ve learned and experienced, I know I can take over my own classroom and teach like a seasoned teacher,” says Brendan. “North Central does an incredible job of teaching education as a passion and not just as a career.”