North Central College - Naperville, IL
Philosophy major, History of Ideas and History minors

“History of ideas combines the best literature and history classes you’re ever had,” says Bethany. “I didn’t realize a discipline like this existed until I came here.”

A philosophy major with minors in history of ideas and history, Bethany says,  “A strength of the program is its mix of students from different areas like math, chemistry and psychology. They contribute so many different perspectives and ways of learning.”

Bethany’s studies sparked her interest in research. A College Scholar, her honors thesis and presentations at the National Conference for Undergraduates (NCUR) and North Central conferences about her research findings were inspired by primary texts. “My presentation at the national conference wouldn’t have happened if it hadn’t been for what I learned in history of ideas.”

Bethany received a paid teaching assistant position at Southern Illinois University in its pre-doctoral program in philosophy. She hopes to teach history of ideas at a school like North Central.