North Central College - Naperville, IL
Graphic Arts major

Amber was more than a student at North Central College. She also was a designer, reporter, artist, photographer and researcher.

“North Central offers multiple opportunities,” she says. “The Interactive Media Studies program gives students the ability to craft the major in the direction of their choosing.”

For Amber, that meant lots of graphic arts. She built up her knowledge of 3D modeling and animation through her coursework, and she conducted a research study—funded by a North Central College Richter grant—that focused on best practices in 3D animation. She interviewed various artists in downtown Chicago and used her findings to create her own short film.

“The College is very supportive of undergraduate research, even in traditionally less researched fields,” she says.

Amber worked for North Central’s student newspaper, The Chronicle, in several different capacities. She also created an art show composed exclusively of computerized pieces with three of her classmates.

“I believe it was one of the first—if not the first—student-produced shows of this nature,” she says.