North Central College - Naperville, IL
Japanese major

Amanda chose North Central because it offered a major in Japanese and study abroad programs in Japan. “Study abroad is hands down the single most important experience I've had at North Central. It was an opportunity to be independent, meet friends from all over the world and challenge myself in another language. The classroom cannot mimic what you learn abroad.”

The opportunity to practice her Japanese skills was key. “I was fully immersed into the culture so I was studying all the time ... and it was oddly OK to talk and feel all right with making mistakes.”

Amanda praises the mentoring she’s received from her professor of Japanese. “She’s one of the sweetest teachers on campus and she has a genuine interest in what motivates her students to study. She's supportive, funny and a benevolent teacher.”

Amanda hopes to teach English in Japan or obtain a job with a Japanese company that’s expanding in the United States. “I want to eventually use Japanese daily in my profession.”