North Central College - Naperville, IL

Amanda never envisioned herself working in a cubicle. She wanted to travel and sing, and she chose North Central College to make her dream a reality.

“I’ve been playing music ever since I was little and could never see myself pursuing a traditional career. I wanted to gain all the knowledge and skills of a professional musician,” she says.

In addition to joining the Concert Choir and Vocal Jazz ensemble, Amanda attended weekly private lessons to help reach her goals.

“Spending an hour every week with an instructor really creates the opportunity to improve and flourish as a musician,” she says.

Venturing out of the classroom—and the country—Amanda studied abroad in England. She will use the strong repertoire of skills she developed both at North Central and overseas to orchestrate a career in the music industry.

“That study abroad experience not only expanded my perspective of the world, but helped me develop problem-solving skills, gain independence and assimilate with different cultures. This gives me an advantage in the future.”