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Recreational sports are starting for students, faculty and staff. Choose from core crunch, Turbo Kick, kickboxing, indoor cycling, Zumba, yoga or five sports.
North Central welcomes eight new employees and congratulates one employee on his promotion.
Ali Ledbetter portrays the Greek queen Phedre.
North Central College presents a classic tale of Greek tragedy when students perform “Phedre” April 28 through May 1.
Renard Jackson, assistant professor of education, and Keith Avery, lecturer in psychology, are working to address bullying in middle school.
Brooklyn Rider
North Central celebrates contemporary classical music during its inaugural New Music Festival April 11-12 and features Dal Niente and Brooklyn Rider.
Football news: Defensive Player of the Year, six selections to the NCAA Division III All-North Region Teams, and two players and one coach in All-Star Game.
North Central's Mock Trial team of new members competes in Midwest tournament. Two students earn awards for Outstanding Attorney and Outstanding Witnesses.
Classic stories by Hans Christian Andersen come to life March 24-27 in “The Naked King” by playwright Yevgeny Shvarts, performed by Organic Theater Company.
This season, the College has joined the City of Naperville in recycling its holiday light strands and encourages others to join their local recycling programs.
A message from President Hal Wilde: "It was just a game. Two football teams, perhaps the two best in the nation in Division III. And we didn’t win. And yet …

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