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Women’s soccer & lacrosse teams fight childhood cancer

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Part of being a student-athlete at North Central involves a willingness to serve. Head coach Jenni Kapanen and the women’s soccer and lacrosse teams are doing just that through their connection and “adoption” of 6-year-old Rosie.

At age 3, Rosie Colucci was diagnosed with brain cancer and neurofibromatosis, a serious disorder that initiates tumor growth either in or on the nerves of the body. She has faced numerous surgeries and chemotherapy and will need to continue chemotherapy until 2012. Rosie had the idea to begin a fundraiser to help kids like her with brain tumors and wants to raise $40,000 in hopes of finding a cure.

The women’s soccer and lacrosse teams are aiming to help Rosie by adopting her as part of their team. This adoption process began through the Friends of Jaclyn Foundation (FOJ), which matches up high school or collegiate sport teams with children who are diagnosed with pediatric brain cancer. The child becomes involved with the assigned team through various media like text messages, emails, phone calls and various social media. Through this experience, the North Central teams will be able to inspire and help Rosie and her family both on and off the field. More

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