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North Central Pride is the College’s newest campus-wide publication, intended to keep you informed and connected to the community. Replacing This Week, North Central Pride delivers campus headlines in a more frequent and timely format. Expect to see new headlines daily, instead of weekly, and you might want to bookmark the site as well. Along with bringing you the news “as it happens,” we’ve added some exciting features to make this publication a one-stop campus news source. News or story summaries Don’t have time to read all the details, but still want to be in touch with what’s going on around campus? North Central Pride’s format gives you headlines and summaries for a quick glimpse. If you want the whole story, follow “More” to the expanded story. The most recently added stories (also called “posts”) appear at the top of the page. Comment Have you ever wanted to share with the campus community how much you enjoyed a performance, your pride of a favorite Cardinal athletic team or admiration of a coworker or student achievement? Now you can. Simply select the “Comment” link underneath each post to express yourself. Icons at the top Find hot links to the tools we know you use daily, like the website, Webmail, Merlin, Blackboard and the Web Calendar/Room Reservations. Employee Directory Access the same directory that you’ll find on the public website. Just enter a first or last name and hit the “go” button to get the title, fax, department, location, mailbox, phone and email of faculty and staff. Search articles, news, people You can find past articles on your favorite subjects in various ways. The “Search Stories” field locates articles appearing in North Central Pride based on your keywords. The chronological “Archives” allow you to find older posts according to publication date. “Points of Pride” links to articles with a common theme. Select “Achievements” to access posts that discuss individual and institutional successes, “Campus News” to find out what’s new around campus, and “People Notes” to stay current on new hires, promotions and professional news in our community. Additionally, you can also use the “tags” provided at the bottom of each article to pull up all stories on a related subject. Central Links In an effort to make North Central Pride your one-stop news outlet, we’ve added links to our official news pages, making it more convenient to access the latest sports scores, fine and performing arts, This Week archives, alumni news and dining menus. RSS feeds If you use an aggregator to keep on top of fresh content on the Web, you can subscribe to get daily notifications of new posts on North Central Pride or any of our other news webpages. Find Us On If you haven’t had an opportunity to visit North Central College’s social media pages, such as our YouTube video page or Flickr photo galleries, North Central Pride gets you there without having to do a web search. Contact Us Send your professional or "People Notes", as well as any comments or questions, to the editor. Events To help you stay informed about the wonderful entertainment and enrichment opportunities the College offers, the Events listing will give you the upcoming happenings on campus, with links to more information about time and place. We hope you’ll visit North Central Pride daily to be informed about campus news and events and use it to get you where you want to go quickly. Bookmark this page to ensure that you will know the latest every time you log onto the Web.