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An update from the Crisis Task Force

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The College's Crisis Task Force is reminding North Central students, faculty and employees to consider signing up to receive text message alerts, or to update their information in Merlin if they've already registered to receive alerts in the event of an emergency. The task force's full message to the North Central community follows. Greetings from the Crisis Task Force, We hope that you are having a wonderful start to the spring term.  It's been an active few months for the Crisis Task Force and we wanted to both provide an update and invite any feedback you might have about these or other areas of campus emergency prevention and response we might be able to address. Regular Drills Thank you to those of you who helped to facilitate our annual tornado drill.  We will continue to practice our fire and tornado response plans through an annual fall fire drill and spring tornado drill. These drills give members of our community an opportunity to familiarize themselves with evacuation routes and tornado safety areas.  Thank you for your corporation with these regular exercises. In addition, we have started to practice campus crisis response through a series of table top exercises involving a variety of individuals from across campus.  A table top exercise is essentially an activity where we talk through our response to a particular incident.  They are helpful both in clarifying our desired response and in ensuring that we are properly prepared for an actual emergency.  If you'd like more information about table top exercises or you wish to be involved with a future exercise, please let us know. Emergency Notification This fall we went "live" with our outdoor alert system.  As you have likely heard, the system is tested on the first Tuesday of each month in coordination with the City of Naperville's testing of their tornado siren.  Our outdoor alert system is enabled to provide both a siren/alarm and an audio message in the event of a drill or actual emergency. We continue to offer emergency text messaging to faculty, staff, and students.  If you are not already signed up for emergency text messaging, you may do so via your Merlin account.  It's also a great idea to visit Merlin to ensure that the information you've provided for emergency text messaging is correct. Emergency Quick Reference and Lobby Signs On the College's website you will find a reference that provides you with information regarding:
  • College Emergency Notification
  • Fire Safety
  • Severe Weather
  • Medical Emergencies and
  • Responding to Violent Behavior
We hope that you'll take a look at this quick guide and familiarize yourself with the information.  You may even want to print it out and keep it somewhere handy in the event that you ever want to reference it.  In the next few weeks you will see a similar one-page reference posted on the first floor of several campus buildings. Questions or Feedback If you ever have questions about emergency planning or if you wish to make a suggestion to the Crisis Task Force, feel free to call the Dean of Students office at 630-637-5151 or contact one of the co-chairs of the task force directly (information provided below). We hope that you have a wonderful spring term. Best wishes, Mike Hudson, Crisis Task Force Co-Chair 630-637-5657 Kimberly Sluis, Crisis Task Force Co-Chair 630-637-5153 Jim Godo '93 Assistant Vice President for Marketing and Communications