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Theatre sets from “Phantom” go green

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Ever wonder what happens to all the set materials from a large North Central production, like those from “The Phantom of the Opera”? In the past, old sets were loaded into a dumpster and hauled to a landfill, but not this year. The theatre department has taken a new, sustainable approach that’s both cost and environmentally friendly.

Replay, started by Insiders Entertainment Inc., is a green company that repurposes set materials. It picks up used scenery and set materials after productions are completed, takes them back to its shop and breaks down the basic components. Reusable hardware such as screws and nails are collected and unusable metals are recycled. Lumber is stripped of screws, nails, staples, etc., sorted by size and either reused in another production or sold to interested buyers. Unusable lumber is recycled. 

The company explains, “What we originally saw as separate but consistent [production waste] problems became an opportunity to both support the theatre/entertainment industries and help save the environment.”